GPS Smile Imaging Software

Why Use Our Smile Makeover Software?

Innovative smile imaging software for smile designers.

GPS (Guide and Position Smiles) is a conceptual protocol established in 2006 for clinicians that envision excellence in their esthetic practice. This smile makeover software gives you and your team the digital diagnostic tools and knowledge needed to effectively communicate using an ultra-performance automated smile imaging software.

The GPS concept presents the dream treatment plan to the patient. In just a few minutes, the initial consultation creates an emotional connection between the patient and the treatment increasing immediate smile design case acceptances.

GPS concept makes that emotional link instantly by showing the patient a beautiful and natural 2D facial picture made by guided morphing technology with the diagnostic device. There is no need for photo studios, videos or hardware tools. Just take the facial picture you need with a pre-set automatic camera. It’s that simple!

Our GPS automated smile imaging software will assist you and your dental office to do the design, or you can just send your pictures to our GPS server and we can do the work for you.

The GPS smile makeover software digitally captures your diagnosis and treatment plans within each patient file. You can also share the patient file with your office treatment team.

Save time and money with our smile makeover software

The 2D to 3D transfer is so precise from the digital facial image that there is no need for mock-ups or a trial. All you need are the beautiful GPS prep guides. Our GPS Concept saves you the need to adjust intra-orally. * The 2D to 3D Digital Smile Design is patent pending.

Since 2006, our GPS smile makeover software has been dedicated to transferring the 2D smile design to a working model for the creation of perfect facially guided wax-ups, whether performed by conventional or digital means:

  • The 2D to 3D connection is made with printed templates and GPS coordinates from the 2D design to articulators’ platforms for precise wax-up.
  • The 2D to 3D digital connection is made with the GPS Connect digital free application linking the 2D smile design with:
    • Orthodontic planning, to bring simple orthodontics guided by the Smile Design.
    • Perio-plasty, designing procedures in accord with patient’s Smile Design.
    • CAD/CAM restorations.
    • Implant rehabilitations and dentures.


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