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Upcoming Smile Software Tour

Location: Gatineau (Dental Congress of Outaouais, November 17, 2017)

Canada, United Arab Emirates, United States of America,  and more location to be announced!

Our Smile Software Helps Create Beautiful And Functional

Smiles Design Around the World

By popular demand, Dental GPS is travelling internationally to present the latest 2D to 3D smile design software in a city near you! Our World Tour will help educate you and your staff on cosmetic smile designing, which will ultimately increase the rate of your office’s case acceptances and the number of beautiful dental smiles created.

About GPS Functional Smile Design

GPS Digital Smile Design system was made for all dental professionals to easily diagnose, design and deliver gorgeous dental smiles with a highly accurate and efficient system. The GPS 3D Smile Designer system allows dental professionals to implement the entire process of diagnosing and designing a perfect smile using our smile software, which only takes a few minutes, saving valuable time.

The use of the GPS increases your case acceptance, since the patient visually sees what their new reconstructed smile will look like before any dental work has been done. The amazing thing about investing in our smile software is that there is no need for pre-op impressions; you only need one facial image and one panoramic X-ray to do the complete process until the patient accepts the case.


El Jadida, Mazagan Hotel

This is the ultimate course in smile design, giving you the ability to teach as a GPS Mentor and give the GPS Mentor Course in your country, or teach smiles by design as a speaker, or at a university. The three days GPS Mentor certification will demonstrate a complete case explanation and demonstration, using a real patient and examples of how the GPS digital smile system works by reviewing an actual case with step-by-step instruction, using videos, in a real dental office setting.

Dental GPS Team thank you all for your participation and wish you all the best for your projects!


GPS Digital Smile Design Software World Tour Locations 2017

Canada – Brossard (conference)
May 23, 2017

Canada – Gatineau (conference)
May 24, 2017

Canada – Quebec (conference)
June 21, 2017

Gatineau (Hands-on)
November 17, 2017

January 19, 2018

March 16, 2018




More Locations To Be Announced For 2018

You can also request your city to be included in our GPS World Tour.

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About the Dental Smiles GPS World Tour

Our dental smiles team invite you to attend this extraordinary one day event of lectures and workshops featuring GPS Masters from various countries who will educate and share the GPS smile design concept with you by teaching:

  • 1. How to take a facial image (no need for photographic studio or hardware).
  • 2. How to diagnose and design at the same time with the ultimate digital smile design diagnostic device, and get a real 2D visual of the patient in less than five minutes.
  • 3. How to prepare different diagnostic treatment plans with our smile software.
  • 4. How to present, connect and engage patients with the natural look of GPS using the patient’s emotions.
  • 5. How to connect to a lab with one image and one system.
  • 6. How to transform your office into a Dental Smile boutique on Monday morning!

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